River Rejuvenation Commitee / Polluted River Stretches

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Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), Delhi has identified 351 river stretches as polluted river stretches in the Country for not meeting the prescribed water quality standards. Five river stretches among them in Andhra Pradesh have been identified as polluted river stretches for exceeding the prescribed standard limit of Bio-chemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), 3.0 mg/lit during the period of two years, 2016 & 2017. Details of the identified polluted river stretches in Andhra Pradesh are as follows:

S. No. River Stretch Identified BOD Range / Max Value Priority
1 Godavari Rayanpeta to Rajahmundry 3.1 - 3.4 V
2 Nagavali Along Thotapally 3.2 V
3 Krishna Amaravati to Hamsala Deevi 3.2 V
4 Tungabhadra Manthralayam to Bavapuram 3.2 - 6.7 IV
5 Kundu Nandyal to Madduru 7.7 IV

The Hon’ble National Green Tribunal, New Delhi by taking Suo-Motu cognizance of a report in “The Hindu” news paper, dated 17.09.2018 under the title “more river stretches are now critically polluted: CPCB” has issued certain directions in its Order dated 20.09.2018 in O.A. No. 673 of 2018.

The Environment, Forest, Science & Technology Department, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh has issued the Government Order Rt. No.177, dated 05.12.2018 constituting the "River Rejuvenation Committee (RRC) with the following Members for performing the functions as ordered by the Hon’ble National Green Tribunal and to formulate & for finalization of Action Plans for restoration of the water quality of the five identified polluted river stretches in Andhra Pradesh.

Sl. No. Member of the Committee Designation
1 Commissioner, Industries Member
2 Commission & Director, MA&UD Member
3 Member Secretary, APPCB Member Convener
4 Special Secretary to Government Environment, Forest, Science & Technology Department Member